Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Want to become an Inchvestor?

LOVELAND is kickstarted! Get your inches!

LOVELAND is a million square inches in Detroit, and each of the one-square-inch parcels costs $1. There are tiers of membership, and already someone has inchvested in 1000 Inches in Loveland:

That someone is me.

I am creating a neighborhood out of the 1000 INCHES IN LOVELAND. The neighborhood will be divided into eight zones, and open for mixed-media, mixed-reality development. I am documenting the development of 1000 INCHES IN LOVELAND as it unfolds.

The first developed inch in 1000 INCHES IN LOVELAND (the neighborhood is called The Imagination Age) will be launched next week, along with more information about how you can get your own inch and make it as big as your imagination. The development of the 1000 inches within The Imagination Age will also be a game. Inch-holders can opt in or out of the game, which will not start until all players have been assigned inches.

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